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Investor profiles

International Greeks are especially lucky to enjoy life in Australia, the UK, the US and in Greece at the same time—and I am no exception.

INVESTOR PROFILES: livingcoral.jpg

A) Are you ready for a new lifestyle? or

B) Are you planning to retire in Greece?

C) Perhaps you are thinking about a long-term base for your European business, or

D) Do you want a European holiday pit-stop from where you can indulge in Greek island-hopping, visit your friends and relatives, go shopping in Athens and then jet off to any European capital with a 1–3 hour flight?

You’ll have the Greek islands and historic mainland to explore, as well as other European capitals like Milan, Berlin, Rome, London, Madrid, Stockholm, Edinburgh within reach… just take your pick each year!

If you own unencumbered residential properties outright in Australia:

  • Canberra ACT,
  • Sydney NSW,
  • Melbourne VIC, or
  • Brisbane QLD, worth $200K to $500K AU,

and you wish to purchase or exchange with this prime Greek property, don’t hesitate to contact me.

International investors are also welcome.

I recommend this investment if you have multiple properties in your overseas country of residence and you wish to enjoy more time in Greece. However, you alone know your circumstances, so take responsibility for your decisions and research your options carefully. Make sure that you get independent financial advice before you invest.

This could be the start of a beautiful exchange.. and who knows? Your needs and dreams may just complement mine! We won’t be the first to swap our properties internationally, and we certainly won’t be the last.

Start dreaming…





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